“Summer Fun” – Whitetail Fawns

Whitetail FawnsIt seems I didn’t follow up on the work in progress for this little painting so here is the finished piece. Originally it was on a 12 x 16 canvas, but I decided to make it a 12 x 12 inch. This is the final painting – a minimal style that showcases the fawns. There is a larger photo in the Mammals gallery. © Marti Millington 2016

Urban Wildlife – Whitetail Deer Fawns

Can I get an “Awwww” ? This pair of whitetail deer fawns were regulars in my back yard from the time they were born and their mother let them come up from the ravine to play. They ran all over my yard and my neighbor’s yard, chasing each other and just having fun. The following summer, they, their mother, and a new set of fawns came up to visit. The third year, the doe only had one fawn, but all of them were in the yard at different times, enjoying the berries, leaves and even parts of my garden.

Whitetail Fawns

Whitetail Fawns

“Chance Encounter”

Chance EncounterWhile working on a 14 x 18 acrylic painting, nothing I did made me happy.  I really liked what I had done at the top of the painting but I could not seem to tie it into the bottom. The solution? Use the top of the painting rather than “toss” the entire canvas. I cut the 18 inches down to 11 inches and painted this white tail doe into the winter scene. “Chance Encounter” is 14 x 11, acrylic on canvas and available for purchase.

Copyright Marti Millington, All Rights Reserved.