Wildlife of Sedona

Well, there just wasn’t much “wildlife” to be seen in Sedona, except for these little lizards, that were everywhere. I photographed this Spotted Whiptail Lizard early one morning as I was photographing the beautiful view just outside Sedona. On that cool morning, all he wanted to do was warm himself in the sun! These little creatures were everywhere! I even had one in my motel room. He didn’t eat much, didn’t complain, or take up much space – so I let him stay.

Spotted Whiptail Lizard

Spotted Whiptail Lizard

“Morning Light at Red Rock”

RedRocksmall“Morning Light at Red Rock” is a 15 x 30 acrylic painting I finished recently.  While in Sedona, Arizona for an exhibit, I visited Red Rock State Park, but the view from outside the park early in the morning was the inspiration for the painting. The sun was just beginning to reveal the face of Cathedral Rock.

[Copyright 2013 – Marti Millington]