Ted Vigil – John Denver Tribute Artist

Ted Vigil and I at Jan 2018 Tribute to John Denver Concert

John Denver was my hero. Not only could he sing, he was a champion for the environment.

One of the world’s most admired performers, Denver was equally recognized for his commitment to global environmental and ecological problems. Among many other tributes given him, he was the recipient of The Presidential World Without Hunger Award, The National Wildlife Federation Conservation Achievement Award and the Albert Schweitzer Music Award, esteemed for its intrinsic humanitarian values. He was also an advisor to the prestigious Wildlife Conservation Society, headquartered at New York’s Bronx Zoo, and was on the Board of Directors and advisory boards of many international environmental organizations.

I was so saddened when John passed away, not only because there would be no more songs sung by him, but because we lost a voice that even today, had he lived, at 74, would have weighed heavily against the current administration’s treatment of our special places, like ANWR, Bears Ears, and our public lands.

Ted Vigil is a singer-songwriter in his own right, but he is also someone who can sing a Denver song and make you believe you are listening to John Denver himself. It’s no surprise that people quietly gasp when he walks on stage – you believe you’ve just seen a ghost. And then he starts singing – and what a trip THAT is. I am not a “concert goer” but his was one concert I wanted to attend. I snatched up two tickets (took my son with me) and I’m incredibly glad I did. He sang all the beloved Denver songs, plus a special song he wrote as a tribute to John Denver. It was a sold-out performance! If you get the chance to go see him in concert – DO IT! You won’t be disappointed.

Click the link to go to his website.  Ted Vigil